October 26, 2015

[Writing Challenge] meta-challenge | Parabellum

Found here. Your challenge is to produce ten fics using the principles of metafiction, essentially, fiction about fiction.

01.Character(s) Reading (Fan)fiction 02.Character(s) Writing (Fan)fiction
03.Character(s) Discover(s) Significant Spoilers For Their Own Canon Events. 04.One Of The Characters Is The Author
05.Character(s) Are Aware That They're In A Work Of Fiction (and express this). 06.A Pre-Existing Fic Is Retold From Another Character's Point Of View
07.A Pre-Existing Fic Is Retold In Another Fic Genre 08.The Character(s) Do(es) Things Simply Because That's What They Would Expect A Character In A Book/Movie/TV Show To Do
09.Story Has Extensive Footnotes, Which Continue The Story Whilst Commenting On It 10.The Author Is Not A Character, But Interacts With The Character(s)

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