November 7, 2014

My Blog's First Design

When Amara's Eden was first created in October of 2012, my blogging platform of choice was a Weebly. I don't recall how long I lasted there, but I don't think it was more than a month, because I had migrated to Wordpress by Christmastime.

But that Weebly site is still up here and bears the original (as far as I can remember) design--a free Weebly theme that I've long since forgotten the name of. It didn't have those particular pages at the time, of course, and the whole thing wasn't just a big banner link to this site, obviously, but the design hasn't changed a bit!

Honestly, I'm still kind of fond of Weebly as a blogging/website platform, though I've literally never seen another book blogger user it. But I'm definitely going to be sticking with Blogspot for the foreseeable future. So here they are, side by side: the original design of Amara's Eden in its Weebly incarnation versus its current design at Blogspot.

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